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Some homes still have mercury thermometers withdrawn from stores and from common use. Due to the harmfulness of the substance used in them, they should be disposed of and replaced with an electronic thermometer. You can find both an ear thermometer and a proximity forehead thermometer at the Wasserman Store. Both types have their supporters and their advantages. Using them guarantees the convenience and accuracy of the measurement. Adults will successfully use them, but a good non-contact thermometer will be appreciated primarily due to its easy use to examine a small child.

Non-contact thermometer for forehead and ear

The Wasserman store offers both an electronic forehead thermometer and an electronic ear thermometer. The former is much easier to use, but the results may not be as accurate as for the latter. The in-ear model will give us a more reliable measurement by measuring internal body temperature, but must be properly inserted into the ear, which can be difficult when testing babies. An infrared device is much better for this purpose. Thanks to the laser sight, we can accurately measure the temperature of a given part of the body.

Proven proximity thermometer

A non-contact electronic thermometer has many advantages that make us willing to supply our home first aid kits with this type of equipment. First of all, it is characterized by the fact that it gives results very quickly. Even one second is enough to measure the temperature. It does not require direct contact with the body, so the test can be performed virtually unnoticed, even while sleeping. The non-contact thermometer for the ear and forehead can also be used to measure the temperature of the bath water or prepare a meal for the baby. This is one of the devices that you must have at home, because thanks to it we will be able to quickly detect fever, and thus faster reaction to any disease. Our offer includes products from well-known manufacturers such as Import or AEG.