Industrial vacuum cleaners

The invention of the vacuum cleaner makes it easier for us to keep the apartment clean every day. The thought of sweeping the entire house immediately makes us faint, and cleaning carpets without this device is hard to imagine. However, there are times when an ordinary vacuum cleaner is not enough. Let us think, for example, about the post-renovation cleaning. Or a basement strewn with dust. For a bathroom flooded with water, a redemptive invention will not help either. That's when professional industrial vacuum cleaners come to our aid. In the Wasserman store you can find advanced models of these devices, among which everyone will find a product ideally suited to their needs.

Vacuum cleaners ideal for the workshop and garage

The offer of the Wasserman store includes workshop vacuum cleaners, which are not afraid of any cleaning. Devices of this type have a reinforced structure, greater capacity and are distinguished by advanced filtration technology. They are used to clean surfaces not only of residual dust, but also of spilled liquids! It is therefore a perfect solution, for example, when cleaning the kitchen or bathroom, in which the water system has failed. We can also use garage vacuum cleaners in rooms contaminated with debris and dust. A traditional model would get stuck in the face of such obstacles, but for a construction vacuum cleaner, dirt in a basement or garage is no challenge.

Industrial vacuum cleaners from famous manufacturers - Dedra, Pansam

The offer of the Wasserman store includes only products of well-known brands. Industrial vacuum cleaners Dedra They are characterized by high efficiency and solid construction, thanks to which they can serve us for many years. They use water filters to ensure maximum dust removal. Can be sold in sets with drywall sanders. One tool is enough for grinding plaster, wooden or metal surfaces and keeping order during these works. Industrial vacuum cleaners for plaster Pans they will be useful for cleaning very fine contaminants, such as sanding dust or removing old paint coatings.