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An electronic bathroom scale will be useful to everyone in the apartment. It is the first step to starting a healthy lifestyle. It allows you to control weight gain and loss, decide on choosing the right diet or exercise. This is a simple device that should be found in every home. Nowadays, a personal electronic scale will not only show us our weight, but also the level of water, fat or muscle mass in our body. So it will be useful both for overweight people and athletes.

Exact bathroom scale

Scales available in the Wasserman store offer guarantee exceptional measurement accuracy. Some models have the function of measuring the amount of water and fat in the body. The exact bathroom scale passes through our body a minimum electronic pulse that recognizes the type of tissue and determines the percentage of its content with an accuracy of one tenth of a percent. Analytical balances can store measurement data for up to twelve people, so that each household member can comfortably control their weight. This will allow everyone to properly care for their health. Bathroom scales in the Wasserman online store are characterized by a low margin of error and a relatively high load capacity.

Electronic personal scale - how to choose?

When choosing an electronic bathroom scale, we must remember about several parameters that determine its quality. First of all, it is worth investing in an analytical balance, the advantages of which have been mentioned above. It offers definitely more useful functions than a traditional device. For any type of weight we decide, it is worth paying attention to its capacity, error margin, measurement accuracy, but also to the material from which it was made. Plastic that can easily break under a heavier weight should definitely be avoided. A glass bathroom scale will be much better. Tempered glass, from which the scales available in the Wasserman store are made, will withstand heavy loads, and will elegantly complement the design of our bathroom. In our offer you will find products from well-known manufacturers such as Eldom, Camry or Import.