Indispensable during summer picnics, barbecues and during long vacation trips - a small fridge. It is a device that allows you to cool products on the go. It guarantees cold drinks and ice cream even in the hottest heat. It allows food to stay fresh for long hours of travel or camping. Portable electric refrigerators available in the Wasserman store are easy to use and handy. They are made of high-quality materials, which makes them resistant to any damage.

Electric cooler - useful functions

Car coolers from the Wasserman store offer are devices equipped with many useful functions that make their use easier. They have special locks to protect against accidental opening, so that warm air will never enter the products. 12V car refrigerators have the advantage that they can be connected to the cigarette lighter in the car. In this way, the device works all the time and keeps the inside temperature much lower than the ambient temperature.

When we do not have access to power, we can cool our drinks anyway - just put special frozen cartridges into the electric tourist refrigerator. It also happens that instead of keeping the temperature low, we want to heat food. Thanks to the appropriate function, we can also use the device for this purpose and enjoy a warm dinner even when traveling.

Tourist refrigerators from famous manufacturers - Malatec, Ravanson

The range of the Wasserman store includes tourist car refrigerators from well-known manufacturers. Brands such as Malatec or Ravanson enjoy a good reputation and guarantee high quality products. Their devices are characterized by versatility, functionality, safety of use and modern design. Thanks to their usefulness, our products will always be fresh and chilled. The use of such devices is an ideal solution for all trips, car trips, camping or beach recreation.