Inhaler for children, Promedix PR-811 teddy bear set

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Inhalator dla dzieci
Inhalator dla dzieci
Inhalator dla dzieci
Inhalator dla dzieci
Inhalator dla dzieci
Inhalator dla dzieci

The Promedix® inhaler/nebulizer with a piston compressor is designed for continuous operation, so it can be used for chronic diseases. It has been designed with the youngest in mind. The Fudge inhaler will make your child like inhalations. It is a professional medical device hidden in a nice housing. It can be used to administer antibiotics and bronchial drugs. Safe for the baby thanks to specially developed rounded shapes, without sharp edges. The housing is thermally insulated. It is made of the highest quality plastic that meets stringent safety standards.

Respiratory therapy with saline or nebuliser medication prescribed by your doctor. Helps with colds. We recommend starting every cold with nebulization with saline, which will moisturize and help unblock the mucous membranes and help cough relief. Thanks to such nebulization, e.g. before bedtime, your child will sleep more peacefully at night, not tired of nasal obstruction or insistent cough. It is important that the drug administered during the nebulization process acts locally and goes exactly where it should and does not burden the delicate tummy of the child. In the past, nebulizers were only available in hospitals or could be borrowed from clinics – today you can have this practical device at home and apply it as soon as you notice the first symptoms of a cold. It is ideal in home therapy for children and adults.

Recommended by Moms:
- Easy and safe administration of medicines for the whole family - for various diseases
- The correct method of administering asthmatic, mucolytic, antibiotic drugs, etc.
- Fast and effective infection control, e.g. runny nose, cough
- Humidification of dried mucous membranes with home heating
- Soothing respiratory irritation
- Guaranteed durability and product quality
- Cheerful children's pattern
- Small size for easy carrying and folding
- Packed in colorful packaging - perfect for a gift

Can I use inhalations? Indications and contraindications for aerosol therapy:

- Conditions requiring surgical treatment of the nose and larynx
- Acute inflammation of the nose, throat, larynx, accompanied by increased temperature
- Chronic, purulent inflammation of the lateral sinuses of the nose and tonsils
- In patients who additionally have symptoms of circulatory failure and respiratory failure
- Bleeding from the respiratory tract


Upper respiratory tract:
- allergic rhinitis
- inflammation of the palatine tonsils
- chronic rhinitis and pharyngitis
- inflammation of the nose, throat, larynx with purulent and mucous discharge
- inflammation of the lateral sinuses of the nose
- chronic laryngitis
- state of vocal exhaustion
- oral mycoses
- mycoses of the pharynx and larynx
- postoperative conditions in the area of the nose and sinuses

Lower respiratory tract:
- recurrent bronchitis
- chronic bronchitis
- bronchial asthma
- Sinobronchial syndrome
- Pneumocystosis
- conditions after pneumonia
- respiratory fungal infections
- emphysema and pneumoconiosis with symptoms of bronchitis;

Technical Specifications
- Product registered in the office of medical products register
- Inhaler for children, set nebulizer, masks, filters
- Power: 110V/120V/220V/230V 50/60HZ
- Power consumption: 180 VA Max
- Drug capacity: 10 ml
- Particle size: 0.5 to 10 um
- MMAD: 3 um
- Volume: <55dB
- Average nebulization rate: >0.3ml/min (2% saline solution)
- Compression range: 29 to 52 Psi / 200 to 360 Kpa / 2 to 3.6 bar
- Pressure range: 11.6 to 19 Psi / 80 to 130 Kpa / 0.8 to 1.3 bar
- Flow range: 5.0~8.0 lpm
- Operating temperature: 10°C to 40°C (50°F to 104°F)
- Humidity range: 10 to 90% RH
- Storage environment: -25°C to 70°C (-13°F to 158°F)
- Storage humidity: 10 to 95 % RH
- Dimensions (LxHxW): 194mm × 176mm × 126mm
- Net weight / Gross weight: 1.5kg / 1.8kg

The set includes
- Inhaler for children Promedix PR-811 teddy bear
- Inhalation mask for adults
- Inhalation mask for children
- Nebulizer - drug tank (sprayer)
- Spare air filters - 5 pieces
- Air hose for inhalers
- Original packaging
- User manual EN
- Fv or receipt (warranty basis)

Inhalator dla dzieci

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