Handheld radios PMR MIDLAND XT70 case

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The maximum range depends on the terrain conditions and is greatest in an open, flat space.

Any obstacles such as trees, hills, buildings, affect its limitation.

Especially not favorably radio waves propagate inside complex, metal structures and from the inside of the car.

The average range in the city among buildings and obstacles does not exceed 1 or 2 Km.

In poorly built-up areas with single trees, the achievable range is 4-6 Km.

In the open space without obstacles between antennas, such as in the mountains, there are communications over a distance of 10 Km and more.

Midland introduces a new, complete line of XT handheld radios, operating in the generally available PMR-446 standard.

The offer includes 5 models and 2 suitcase sets enriched with additional equipment.

The line includes both proposals at a very attractive price such as Midland X10 and X30, as well as models with advanced functionality such as Midland X50, X60 and X70.

The Adventure versions of the Midland X50 and X70 are suitcases with 2 radios, and microphone headphones, chargers and batteries.

All radios have carefully designed cases, attractive packaging and, in addition to the X10 opening rate, have USB charging.

Frequency: PMR446 MHz and LPD
Number of channels PMR band: 8 + 16 programmed
Number of channels LPD band: 69
Volume control
Choice of 93 channels
Broadcast and receive
Squelch noise blocker
CTCSS 38 tone
DCS 83 codes
VOX 9 level means that you can turn on voice broadcasting without the need to press a button
Scan is a function of cyclical channel search
Call Tone call
Night display backlight
2 Pin microphone or speaker jack
Power save battery level indicator
USB Charge charging in USB standard
Fast Charging fast charging 4h

The set includes:
Radio Midland XT-70 2 pieces
Rechargeable batteries Midland PB-X7 2 pieces
suitcase for transport
Midland MA21-L microphone headphone 2 pieces
belt clip 2 pieces
ac charger 2 pieces
USB charging cable 2 pieces
single desk charging stand - 2pcs
Warranty card