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Wireless weather station

An electronic weather station is an accurate digital thermometer that allows you not only to receive the most up-to-date weather reports, but also to view hourly and even five-day forecasts. The best stations have a wifi thermostat, thanks to which we can check the weather conditions around the house using the application installed on the phone. The devices indicate air temperature, humidity, atmospheric pressure, sometimes also warn against freezing. They are equipped with black and white or color LCD screen, electronic thermometer, clock and alarm clock. A wireless weather station is therefore a comprehensive tool that facilitates everyday life.

How to measure the temperature correctly?

In order for an electronic weather station to give reliable results, its sensor – according to the recommendations of the World Meteorological Organization – should be calibrated in the range from -30 to 40 degrees Celsius. The maximum measurement error shall not be more than 0,2. In addition, the digital thermometer should respond appropriately to temperature changes. The reaction should not be too slow or too fast. It should also be remembered to ensure the temperature of the surrounding air for the sensor, i.e. first of all to shield it from solar radiation. In Poland, it is customary to make measurements at a height of two meters above ground level – this ensures the most accurate results. It should also not be forgotten that there should be no objects – buildings or trees – that can affect the results near the thermometer. In our offer you will find products from well-known manufacturers such as Ferguson, GreenBlue, Import, Blow or Vordon.