Folio Touch Case US iPad Air 4th Gen Oxford Grey

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Folio Touch
Backlit keyboard and touchscreen case for iPad Pro 11-inch and iPad Air (4th generation)

One case for everything
Write, browse, sketch and read with Folio Touch, an ultra-versatile keyboard and touchscreen case for iPad Pro and iPad Air. Use your iPad in a whole new way with an adjustable kickstand, a foldable keyboard, and a precision touchscreen that gives you more control over your favorite apps.

Incredible precision and control
Use a precise touchscreen to increase productivity in apps like Notes, Pages, Numbers, and Keynote. Highlight spreadsheet cells, copy words and edit emails on iPad faster than ever before.

All the multi-touch gestures you know well
The large touchscreen supports all familiar multi-touch gestures such as swiping, scrolling, app switching, and more. Multi-touch gestures help you complete tasks faster and increase productivity.

Write all the time day and night
Backlit keys automatically adapt to your current environment. If you need more or less light, you can adjust the brightness levels of the keys on your keyboard so you can work late into the night or in other low-light conditions. To use this feature, an update to iPadOS 13.6 is required.

Comfortable typing, like on a laptop
Logitech manufactures high-quality, award-winning keyboards, and we've sold over 400 million copies. And we applied all our experience to the Folio Touch project. A keyboard similar to those used in laptops offers large, comfortable keys that provide excellent reflection after each keystroke for fast and accurate typing.

Full row of hotkeys
Forget the complicated movement around the screen or menus for simple actions, Folio Touch offers a full row of iPadOS hotkeys that give you one-touch access to popular features like volume and media controls, brightness adjustments, and more.

Perfect view during every task
The adjustable stand with a viewing angle of 40° ensures a good view at all times, whether you're drawing a diagram or watching your favorite show. A sturdy mechanical hinge keeps the stand in place, even when hitting the keys hard while typing.

Foldable keyboard for even more versatility
When you don't have to type, the foldable keyboard disappears from view, providing true drawing and viewing modes where you can admire the true capabilities of the iPad screen.

The perfect complement for iPad
The Folio Touch is designed to look and act as a natural extension of your iPad. The minimalist design and smooth, woven exterior fabric form a cohesive whole with the iPad that you can never do without again.
Folio Touch Smart Connector

One-click power and pairing
Smart Connector technology ensures fast pairing with iPad. Batteries aren't included because you don't need them at all, and the Folio Touch is powered directly from your iPad.

Front, back and corner protection
The sturdy housing and secure magnetic latch protect your iPad screen on the front, back and corners from scratches, scratches and spills.

Natural environment for logitech crayon
Remember the Logitech Crayon stylus? The Folio Touch won't let you down. Built-in memory ensures that your Logitech Crayon is always secure and ready to go whenever you need it.

Charge your apple pencil (2. Generation)
Want to enhance your Apple Pencil? The Folio Touch is designed to be openable, so you can use it on your iPad Pro while charging your Apple Pencil.