Saturators, siphons

Saturators in the Wasserman -Art store
We can buy sparkling water in any store, but fortunately, more and more people are realizing how big a problem is the excessive amount of plastic precipitation, including bottles. With the help of such a homemade siphon, we will reduce the amount of plastic garbage. And in addition, we know what we drink. Siphons are usually a form of a handy bottle with a trigger and a place for cartridges. In our offer you will find siphons from art, simple in white and black. Their shape makes it very easy to hide them in the refrigerator and take them with us on a journey Such siphons once reigned in our homes. The material from which our siphons are made is metal-aluminum and plastic. The capacity of one liter is calmly enough for any household. Siphons sold in our store have all the approvals and meet the required standards.

Cartridges for siphons.

To prepare the carbonated drink, we will need a CO2 cartridge. Cartridges, from time to time have to be replaced and those used disposed of in a specially marked container, from where they will then go to disposal. Remember about proper storage of cartridges. We do not expose them to sunlight and temperatures above 50 C. We never throw away full cartridges, throw them and refill them. We do not inhale gas from cartridges! Given the very high pressure in the stored cartridges, it is dangerous to unseal them. In our store you can buy Kayser cartridges , made of gold-colored metal. Cartridges are packed 10 pieces into a cardboard package. We have spare cartridges in continuous sale in our store.