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Functional and easy-to-use steam iron

The devices proposed by Wasserman have the function of smooth regulation of steam, temperature or light indicator. The steam iron is equipped with a washer and an anti-stone filter system. The latter solution avoids the cumbersome and odour-causing process of descaling the device with vinegar. The electric iron also allows you to dry clothes, has the function of self-cleaning and preventing dripping. The alloys of the irons are made of stainless steel that guarantees excellent slip. They are characterized by ease of use and accuracy of operation. The Wasserman offer includes high-class, precise hand irons, as well as standing irons with a steam station.

Why buy a steam iron?

A standing steam iron is a device that offers even richer possibilities than a classic hand iron. The steam does not only perform the function of support in them, but disinfects and cleans even outerwear from the remnants of laundry detergents. It is a steam station that facilitates smoothing clothes vertically. Therefore, even elements such as sequins or rubber additives will not cause a problem. The standing steam irons available in the Wasserman store are equipped with additional accessories, such as nozzle tips, dedicated to specific items of clothing and reducing ironing to an activity as simple as possible. It is worth choosing a good steam iron, because thanks to the continuous production of a few, it will eliminate even the most annoying creases of the material. In our offer you will find products from well-known manufacturers such as Camry, Clatronic, Malatec or Import.