Signal converters

HDMI converters

The Wasserman assortment includes, among others, HDMI converters. They will be useful wherever we want to send a high-resolution video signal over long distances. They will allow you to connect, for example, a satellite decoder, DVD player, console or computer with a TV. They will minimize the number of wires used, which will result not only in easier installation and configuration of devices, but also in a more aesthetic and practical organization of space. The offer also includes adapters that allow you to connect a VGA cable to the HDMI socket, an HDMI to 3RCA cable (and vice versa) and converters with a built-in SCART plug.

Video audio converters from well-known manufacturers – Import, Spacetronik, Cabletech, Signal, Media-Tech, Xtreme

The music and image converters you will find in the Wasserman store come from assortments from well-known manufacturers – such as Intex or Xtreme. Brands specializing in electrical and electronics – including Media-Tech – guarantee the high quality of their articles and their maximum efficiency. Among the many different adapters there are also those of the latest generation – Signal – allowing for wireless transmission of video signals. If you want to ensure compatibility for devices in your living room, it is worth getting the right audio and video converters – for example , Spacetronik or Cabletech. Thanks to such solutions, the installation and operation of electronic equipment in your home will become much easier and more intuitive. These little gadgets will change the comfort of film screenings beyond recognition. Stock up on them and enjoy high image and sound quality on any device!