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Sketch, guess, give away!

Award-Winning Game Continue! will provide your family and friends with great entertainment and unforgettable moments of unstoppable laughter. Draw what you see and guess what you saw, then admire the unpredictable effect of the associations of all participants in the game.

- Over 1700 words and passwords!
- 8 sets of washable pens, sketchbooks and wipes,
- Ideal for families, for small meeting friends, both new and old. Great icebreaker!
- No drawing skills required. Guys with dashes and sense of humor are welcome!

Pass it on! This is a dull cell phone, if the first and last picture in the sketch agrees, it means that the players correctly guessed the password. If not? Well - then surely the tears of your thoughts and laughs created by the players under the pressure of time will surely make you cry.

As a result of your efforts you will create in each sketchbook a sequence of associations of other people.

In the game there is an hourglass that imposes the pace of the game, and with 142 double-sided cards with 12 passwords on each of them we get over 1700 passwords! For those wishing to compete, the game also offers two point-scoring systems. With this game there is no time for boredom, so pens in your hand and keep on going!