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Boomboxes from well-known manufacturers – Kruger & MatzMedia-Tech
Boomboxes from our offer are not only a tube with a speaker, it is equipment that offers much more functions. They have not only a built-in FM radio and CD readers, but also a USB slot or a memory card slot. Our Bluetooth boomboxes can also wirelessly connect to your smartphone. The Wasserman store buys boomboxes from well-known electronics manufacturers Kruger & Matz, as well as Media-Tech. These are manufacturers known for the high quality of their products. Some models of Media-Tech boomboxes have been additionally equipped with a microphone, which allows you to organize karaoke competitions and record your own songs. On the other hand, Kruger & Matz boomboxes are slightly simpler devices, but their great advantage is compactness and handiness. Speakers -BlowClatronic, Media-Tech, VordonFerguson allow you to listen to FM radio and music from a smartphone or other data carrier. The speakers are equipped with Bluetooth and a number of sockets (USB, SD, AUX, 2xMIC). These speakers can play without interruptions for 3 hours, and their range is up to 10 meters. Portable bluetooth speakers with micro SD memory card reader, USB and Aux inputs are irreplaceable equipment both at home and outdoors. In our store, in addition to bluetooth speakers, you will also find speakers replacing traditional alarm clocks. They have a card reader and the ability to set your favorite radio station as a wake-up call. You can choose among those stylized as retro or among those with a modern look

Portable radios and digital alarm clock radios in the Wasserman store
Using the offer of our store you get equipment from the best manufacturers, made of materials of the highest quality and having a warranty and service in our country. Manufacturers of playing equipment improve their devices so that they work best in their tasks and so that they can be used in different places and in different conditions. These are our radio-alarm clocks, they are great for various tasks, they are small and very light, which makes them successfully moved to different distances. Blow digital alarm clocks have a built-in rechargeable battery that works independently of external power. ART devices are not only awakening, they are also a device for measuring air humidity and pressure. Alarm clock radios from our offer have LCD displays, on which you can see numbers from a distance, usually in red. Manufacturers such as Adler have made sure that their brand's devices are resistant to various types of damage and mechanical injuries. We invite you to familiarize yourself with the offer of the Wasserman store