Gamepad USB PC / PS3 / XBOX GX660 Captain

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Gamepad USB PC/PS3/XBOX Esperanza Captain

Which pad should you choose so you don't regret it afterwards?

If you like to play on the computer  it's definitely worth having a controller at home, and for what pads for PC  is it worth paying attention today? There are many different models in the stores and they all seem the same at first glance. But they are not and therefore it is worth taking a closer look at some important details. For connectivity (wired and wireless), button layout (symmetrically arranged knobs or asymmetrically), compatibility (PS4, Xbox One, PC), ergonomics (weight, housing, overlays) and additional functions (vibrations, backlight). And we strongly advise against looking only at the price. Price bargains can be deceptive.
Gamepad Android, PC, Playstation 3, Xbox One

With this pad you will win all games

Viewing functional XBOX 360 console gamepad  and for PCs. Works perfectly with even the most advanced games. ergonomic the shape is raining  makes it easier to hold and does not tire your hand during the longest of your games. Vibration motors produce additional effects that are generated by games. The pad supports the platforms: Android, PC, Playstation 3, Xbox One, Vista 7,8,10.  Gamepad USB PC / PS3 / XBOX GX660 Captain  is extremely easy to install, requires only a USB 2.0 connector. The Lord has two analog keypads, twelve action buttons (including 2 buttons on the keypads), 8 directional cross. Works in two modes - analog and digital. Includes a 175 cm USB cable.

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