Bluetooth Boombox Dual BT Next MT3167 speaker


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Stereo Bluetooth 2.2 speaker with FM radio and MP3 player
Głośnik przenośny Media-Tech
BOOMBOX DUAL BT MT3167 is a 2.2 wireless speaker with two bass speakers and two mid-tone speakers. The instantaneous power of PMPO is 650W.
Active Bluetooth 5.0 allows you to listen to music sent wirelessly from a device with a Bluetooth wireless interface (e.g. phone, smartphone, tablet) and free movement without restrictions caused by unnecessary cables.
Głośnik sterofoniczny 2.2 Bluetooth 5.0 z radiem FM i odtwarzaczem MP3
BOOMBOX DUAL BT reads music files from microSD memory cards and other data storage media (e.g. flash drives).
Thanks to the built-in battery, BOOMBOX DUAL BT is a portable speaker system ideal for both home or office use, as well as for use during all kinds of activities, e.g. holiday trips. When fully charged, the device works up to 7 hours!
Głośnik Bluetooth Media-Tech z zasilaniem sieciowo akumulatorowym
A new feature is the DBD (Dual Battery Design) system, i.e. the possibility of installing an additional second battery (not included) so you can significantly extend the speaker's operating time (depending on the battery capacity).
An additional 3.5mm AUX connector lets you connect most traditional audio sources.
You can connect a cable microphone to the MIC 3.5mm connector and use the KARAOKE function with an "echo" effect and microphone volume control.
Boombox Dual BT Next MT3167 widok z przodu i z boku
The loudspeaker enables recording voice from a microphone onto a microSD card or USB stick (only USB 2.0) - REC function.
The MT3167 has a digital mode for adjusting the basic sound parameters: treble and bass levels. An equalizer is also available, offering several ready-made musical characteristics.
An important feature of the MT3167 speaker is the wooden housing, which undoubtedly affects the quality of the sound. The sound from the speaker is extremely clear.
Boombox Media-Tech Dual BT Next MT3167
To the right and left of the MT3167 are two midrange speakers. The front panel has an information LED display, control buttons and 2 membranes for 3-inch bass speakers.
On the side of the housing there is a USB port, AUX input and a slot for microSD memory cards and a microUSB socket for charging. On the top of the device there is a telescopic antenna for receiving radio stations.
Głośnik Bluetooth MT3167 w opakowaniu
A significant distinguishing feature of this speaker is the solid handle integrated with the smartphone stand, which allows you to create a mobile multimedia set for karaoke or watching a movie.
Under the speaker there are four non-slip feet thanks to which the speaker stands steadily.
The set comes with a wireless remote control, USB cable for charging the speaker and AUX cable.
BOOMBOX DUAL BT MT3167 bezprzewodowy głośnik 2.2
Compact stereo Bluetooth speaker with built-in woofer
Bluetooth 5.0+ EDR
Protocols: A2DP, AVRCP
FM radio with automatic station search 87.6-108MHz
Mp3 player
Support for micro SD cards and USB storage devices
AUX socket
Microphone jack
Remote control
Power supply USB 5V port
Built-in lithium-ion battery - up to 7 hours of uncharged operation
DBD system *) - extended working time by connecting a 2nd battery (additional purchase)
Power: RMS 15W, PMPO 650W
2 x 3 ”bass speaker, 2 x 2” midrange speakers
Frequency response: 80 ~ 20,000 Hz
Colorful LED illumination
Smartphone stand
LED information display
Telescopic antenna
Wooden housing
Dimensions: 122x240x165mm
Weight: 1.2 kg

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