Telescopic gypsum sander 2in1 PM-DG-1450DL


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POWYAT type ŻYRAFA dustless grinder, model PM-DG-1450L. The device is perfect for grinding gypsum plasters on walls, ceilings and also higher surfaces.
Szlifierka do gipsu 2w1 teleskopowa PM-DG-1450DL
The movable, tilting head allows comfortable operation of the boom on the surfaces of walls, ceilings and even floors. The ability to work at an angle of 90-180 degrees.
The grinder is equipped with a dust extraction duct for grinding, this cable must be connected to an industrial vacuum cleaner. The device is equipped with a speed control knob.
Szlifierka do gipsu 2w1 Powermat PM-DG-1450DL
The triangular oscillating head is designed for grinding at edges and corners. Oscillating speed in a triangular head 3000-6000 ocs / min.
The grinder has the function of a pull-out handle, thanks to which you can easily extend the working range of the device and reach the furthest corners of the wall. After unfolding the handle, the length of the grinder is 175 cm, thanks to which, after installing the spring pulling the base to the vertical, the ceiling surface can be easily sanded. After folding, the grinder has a length of 150cm, which facilitates work and the handle during standard work.
Szlifierka przegubowa bezpyłowa typu ŻYRAFA firmy POWERMAT
Power supply: 230V / 50Hz
Motor power: 1450W
Revolutions without load: 1200 - 2500 / min
Oscillation of the DELTA disc: 3500 - 7500 / min
Dial diameter: 215mm
Diameter of abrasive paper: 225mm
Triangular disc size: 282x282x282mm
LED backlight function: YES (spot)
Power cable: 4.5m
Net weight: 5.2 kg
Szlifierka do gipsu żyrafa PM-DG-1450DL
Smooth speed control
Lock holding power switch
Power switch
seatpost length lock
Trójkątna i okrągła głowica szlifierki do gipsu Powermat
280mm triangular side papers (12 holes)
4x P80
4x P120
4x P180
Round papers diameter 225mm (8 holes)
4x P80
4x P120
4x P180

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