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Pressure can kill!
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Which pressure gauge should you choose?

Wrist blood pressure monitor  Shoulder, electric or mechanical? Because you have to measure the pressure  this is beyond doubt. Untreated pressure is a silent killer. And that we do not all have time to run to the clinic to take a measurement, the fastest way out will be to buy a blood pressure monitor. And so we come to this question, what? The basic problem is the wrist or arm? A lot depends on who will measure this pressure yourself? A person with a wide arm circumference will measure the pressure with a wrist device faster and more conveniently. But shoulder blood pressure monitor  is more accurate and already in people diagnosed with atherosclerosis, the measurement will definitely be more effective.
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Each measurement should be recorded, we will see clearly  pressure jump.  We should be worried by a jump or a drop in pressure of several dozen millimeters and repeated pressure above 140/90 mm Hg.
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Why the ProMedix PR-9100 upper arm blood pressure monitor?

This device uses the oscillometric method measuring blood pressure.  What does that mean? This means that the blood pressure monitor detects the movement of blood in the arteries and converts its pressure into a readable digital form.  ProMedix blood pressure monitor  has the function of detecting irregular heartbeat. The kit includes a blood pressure monitor with a cuff, power supply, user manual in Polish and a convenient case to store the device. The blood pressure monitor has a memory for up to 180 measurements together with the date and time of measurement. If not used, it will turn off after two minutes. Remember that the best time to measure blood pressure is in the morning. Make a habit of measuring yourself everyday.
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Cuff adjustment: collar from 22 to 36 cm
Measurement accuracy:+/- 3mmHg; Pulse +/- 5%
Measurement method:shoulder
Pressure range:0 - 299 mmHg; Pulse 40 - 180 beats / min
Power:4 AA batteries or AC / DC adapter
Weight:approx. 560 g without batteries

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