Carbon monoxide sensor 10LLDCO Kidde


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Kidde carbon monoxide sensor with a new generation electrochemical sensor that guarantees 10 years of operation - the longest on the market. Powered from a built-in battery that does not require replacement throughout the lifetime of the device. It has an LCD display showing the carbon monoxide concentration level in the range of 0 to 999 PPM *.
Czujnik tlenku węgla Kidde z sensorem elektrochemicznym nowej
The update of indications takes place every 15 seconds. Exceeding the permissible CO level is signaled optically (red LED) and acoustically (loud, pulsating audible alarm of 85dB). The sensor has a Test / Reset button to check the correct operation of the device and turn off the alarm signaling and a button when pressed, which displays the highest detected CO level stored in the sensor's memory.
Czujnik czadu 10LLDCO Kidde
In the event of a malfunction or low battery, the orange LED blinks, the appropriate graphic information is displayed on the LCD panel, and an audible warning sounds. The integrated power supply allows the detector to be installed in an optimal place and guarantees protection also in the event of a power outage in the network. Thanks to a specially designed housing, it can be installed on the wall or placed on a flat surface, e.g. on a bedside table near the bed. It has a lock that prevents disassembly of the device installed on the wall by children or bystanders. 10 years after activating the power supply, the sensor will inform you that the device needs to be replaced.
Opakowanie czujnika czadu Kidde 10LLDCO
Advantages of the sensor:
- Electrochemical technology - one of the most precise electrochemical sensors in the world
- LCD display with a maximum indication of 999PPM
- 40% longer working life compared to other sensors available on the market
- Built-in battery - does not need to be replaced throughout the lifetime of the sensor
- Additional LED diode indicating incorrect operation of the device and end of its service life
- Loud alarm signaling
- Test / Reset button - to control and operate the device
- Peak concentration button - for reading the highest detected CO concentration stored in memory
- Integrated power supply providing protection also in the event of a power outage
- Wall mounting option or sensor mounting on a flat surface
- Lock preventing the removal of the wall-mounted sensor by children or bystanders
- Simple assembly and operation
- Aesthetic and durable housing
- Very low operating costs - no need to change batteries Small dimensions and weight
- 10-year manufacturer's warranty covering the entire sensor including the battery

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