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Mug, thermos or bottle?

Butelka termiczna Dafi

Are you wondering what to choose? Thermal mug or thermal bottle?

First, it depends on where you will most often need this container for drinking. Every day, you do not have to pay attention to complete tightness, additional handles or special mouthpieces. Thermal mug you place it on the desk or simply hold it in your hand as you go. A particularly long thermometer is also not so necessary because you will drink a cup of coffee within two hours. But already during some trip, longer journey, training it turns out how much better and more comfortable it turns out thermal bottle . It has a larger capacity than a cup and a shape that fits better in any luggage. And the bottles usually have a convenient handle for hanging or hooking.

Termos Dafi

Take a look at the Dafi thermal bottle, what do you see?

At first glance Dafi thermal bottle It has an economical design, subdued colors, a slim shape and gives the impression of very light. On closer acquaintance it gains even more. Made of materials without harmful bisphenol, and the steel from which it was made protects the bottle from soaking with scents. After drinking a drink with coriander and ginger, you can easily drink coffee or cold water without the fragrances of the previous drink. On the one hand Dafi thermal bottle has a non-slip base, on the other a comfortable cork with a handle for convenient carrying and holding. The bottle keeps the temperature of both hot and cold drink for a long time.

Butelka termiczna Dafi termos
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Capacity:490 ml

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