Patrol flashlight 5000 Cree zoom knife


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Patrolowa 5000
Latarka Patrolowa 5000 Cree zoon nożyk
This allows for maximum focus on one distant point - up to 1000m range - the maximum range depends on air transparency - fog, dust will reduce it - or illuminate a large area at a short distance - it is perfect for cycling, night trips - adjustment of the focal length makes it possible to adjust the light beam to the current needs.
Latarka z diodą CREE XM-L T6
Reliable flashlight with super powerful CREE XM-L T6 LED. The set includes a rich set of accessories, including an adapter with a sharp knife. The set includes the items shown in the photo below:
Latarka Patrolowa 5000 skład zestawu
- lighting range up to approx. 1000 m - maximum focused beam
- CREE XM-L T6 diode
- LED lifetime of 100,000 hours
- housing: aviation aluminum
- length of the flashlight without a knife: 14.9 cm
- length of the flashlight with a knife: 22.3 cm
- head diameter: 3.5 cm
- body diameter: 2.5 cm
- luminous flux color: white
- Number of LEDs: 1
- operating voltage: 4.2V
- power supply: 1 x 18650
- controller with digital regulation of the output current
- lens: acrylic glass
- adapter with a knife

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