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Louder!!! I can not hear!!
Aparat słuchowy MT3596 widok regulacji

You no longer have to ask for a loudness, just a hearing amplifier

Has your ear lightly stuck? Something  you hear worse ? You get the feeling that everyone is talking quieter? Sometimes it happens that we hear worse, it can be temporary, and it can be a serious problem. Each of these should be consulted with a doctor, but if you have no problem with deafness, and you just want to hear more clearly, then this small device will help you. Just remember that this type of device is not used for hearing rehabilitation and only to amplify sounds  coming from the environment. Discreet, small and will help you hear what your wife is murmuring about you. The wife will need it to hear her husband whispering a beer mate.
Aparat słuchowy MT3596 z opakowaniem

Simple and functional hearing amplifier

EAR BOOSTER MT3596  it's light and discreet hearing amplifier  for the hearing impaired. Its small size and solid construction ensure discretion and comfort of use. The handset is specially shaped to fit perfectly behind the ear. No matter which ear. The beige color of the hearing amplifier and its transparent behind the ear wire ensure total discretion.
Aparat słuchowy MT3596 zdjęcie w uchu

You can adjust the volume yourself by adjusting it in six levels. The set includes three silicone earbuds , 3 batteries and a case for the whole set. And from now on you can hear perfectly what they say to you without constantly saying "listen?"

Wzmacniacz słuchu Media-Tech MT3596


Control:6 levels
Noise reduction system:ANR
Power:LR44 (AG13)
Sound enhancement:55 +/- 5 dB
Volume:maximum 130 +/- 5 dB

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