SDS MAX 2800W 18J PM-MU-2800T hammer drill

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Młot udarowy Powermat PM-MU-2800T
- Hammer drilling
- Forging
- Setting the position of the chisel
Młot udarowy SDS MAX 2800W 18J PM-MU-2800T
Product features
- Gear housing body made of lightweight durable aluminum, which reduces the weight of the device and increases its durability.
- The engine with a large power supply of 2800W allows you to perform even the most demanding works in construction and renovation works at home.
Młot udarowy PM-MU-2800T z dłutem
Reducing the transmission of vibration on the hands
Using the AVH anti-vibration system, the hammer reduces the transmission of vibration to the user's grip and hands.
Smooth speed control
The rotation adjustment knob located in the handle enables drilling in the range from 250 to 650 rpm.
Power LED
In addition, to increase security, the device has a power LED, which indicates that the tool is connected to the network.
Dłuto SDS i wiertło
26 x 230 mm SDS chisel
18 x 200 mm SDS drill
Transport case
Rubber cover
Spare brushes
Młot udarowy SDS MAX PM-MU-2800T w walizce
Technical data:
Voltage: 230V / 50Hz
Power: 2800W
Impact force: 18J
Handle type: SDS-MAX
Beats per minute: 1300 - 4200
Revolutions without load per minute: 250 - 650
Improved drive mechanism
AVH anti-vibration system
Smooth speed control
Drilling capacity in wood: 40 mm
Drilling capacity in metal: 13 mm
Drilling capacity in concrete: 26 mm

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