Submersible pump for septic tank IBO IP 400 float


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IP 400
The IBO submersible pump IPE 400 is used to pump water from flooded tanks, wells and rooms. The device is dedicated to clean and slightly polluted water.
Pompa zatapialna do szamba IBO IP 400
The pumps use a discharge nozzle to which different diameters of the discharge hose can be adapted depending on the user's needs. The small dimensions and weight make the pumps extremely easy to use and maintain.
Pompa zatapialna do brudnej wody IBO IP 400
The pump is equipped with a float coupled with a switch, which automates the control of its operation. The pump also makes it possible to draw water from the surface water. All pumps have thermal protection mounted in the motor winding.
Pompa IBO IP 400 z pływakiem
230 V power supply
Engine power - 400W
Max capacity -125 l / min
Maximum lifting height 5 m
30 mm impeller clearance
Connections 1 -1 1/2 inch
Dimensions 23/31 cm diameter / height
Weight 3.8 kg

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