Electric heater farel PM-NAG-3.5EO Thermostat

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Nagrzewnica elektryczna  PM-NAG-3.5EO widok wentylatora
The heater is used for quick heating of closed rooms. The heater also has an airflow function without heating function. It is equipped with an adjustable thermostat and overheating protection. It has two levels of heating power adjustment 1750 W / 3500 W and blower mode. The device is equipped with a practical and comfortable insulated carrying handle. The device is designed for continuous operation. The metal housing protects the heater and the fan against mechanical damage, and the compact dimensions of the device make it easy to transport and store the heater.
Farelka PM-NAG-3.5EO z termostatem
The heater has a thermostat for precise temperature setting in the room. After reaching the set temperature, the device turns itself off.
The heater is equipped with two heating modes I and II and a fan function. Large switches make it easy to adjust the heating power and set the correct temperature for the thermostat correctly.
Nagrzewnica elektryczna  farelka PM-NAG-3.
Powermat heaters have a solid grounded plug and thick power cords for safe use.
The highest quality components are installed in POWERMAT devices. The heaters have solid heaters and a metal fan, which extends the life of the device in difficult conditions.
Nagrzewnica Powermat 1750 W / 3500 W
Heating power: 1750 W / 3500 W
Power consumption: up to 3.5 kWh
Supply voltage: 230 V
Air flow: 150m³ / h
Protection class: IP24
Built-in thermostat
Durable metal housing
Thermoelectric protection
Weight: 4 kg
Dimensions: 23 x 34 x 25 cm

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