Oil compressor Powermat PM-KO-24T

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Powermat compressors have all the required certificates and have been tested in the laboratory of the EUROPEAN NOTIFIED UNIT, which distinguishes us from many other manufacturers on the market. Compressors can be reported to the Office of Technical Inspection.
Kompresor olejowy Powermat PM-KO-24T
Powerful compressor
The single-piston compressor ensures a pressure of 8 bar in the tank and an effective capacity of 206L / min. The compressor is powered by an electric motor with a power of 1.85kW / 2.5KM.
Kompresor olejowy Powermat  widok z kilku stron
Reliable construction
The massive compressor cylinder is made of cast iron, which ensures a high degree of reliability. The large mass of the cylinder properly dissipates heat, so that the compressor does not overheat during operation.
All inlet and outlet ducts are made of copper for adequate heat dissipation.
Kompresor olejowy Powermat widok z boku
Versatile use and security
The PM-KO-50T compressor from the Polish brand POWERMAT is a device intended for painting (smaller elements / surfaces), blowing, pumping, cleaning and similar activities. The valuable advantages of our compressors are low operating costs, multitasking, precision and high work culture.
Pressure regulator
The device has 2 outputs on "EURO" standardized quick connectors one of which is regulated by means of an integrated reducer showing the working pressure on the manometer. The second output gives full pressure from the tank, then the pressure gauge shows the current pressure in the tank.
Kompresor olejowy Powermat zdjęcia szczegółów
Safety valve and pressure switch
The pressure switch is set to a maximum pressure of 8 bar, when the pressure in the tank reaches this value, the compressor switches off, re-activation occurs when the pressure in the tank drops below 6 bar.
Safety in the event of failure / blockage of the pressure switch is provided by a certified safety valve. Which will work if the safe pressure in the tank is exceeded, dropping excess if necessary.
Production quality
The compressor tank is galvanized on the inside and outside. The cylinder is equipped with a drain valve to drain the accumulated water, which protects it against corrosion.
Powermat PM-KO-24T Wydajność efektywna - 206L/min
Mobility of the device is ensured by wheels made of durable thermo-hardened material covered with abrasion resistant rubber coating.
An additional carrying handle makes it easy to move the compressor around the work area.
Secure device shipping
Compressor oil during transport in the wrong position can get out through the air filters, which in many cases causes problems with its proper operation. We care for our customers and their equipment, which is why the compressors we sell are not flooded with oil, which protects them during transport.
The oil is delivered in a separate bottle, in the appropriate measured quantity for the first application.
Akcesoria Powermat PM-KO-24T
- Brand - POWERMAT
- Power supply - 230V / 50Hz
- Engine power - 1.85kW / 2.5KM
- Rotations - 2850 / min
- Effective efficiency - 206L / min
- Tank capacity - 24L
- Maximum outlet pressure - 8 bar
- Net weight - 20kg
- LWA sound power level - 97 dB (A)

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