Two filters for the DAFI flamingo filter bottle

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filtry dafi flamingowe

Dwa filtry do butelki Dafi

Fresh drinking water always on hand? Thanks to the Dafi filter bottle, you can enjoy refreshing water regardless of time and place. The technology known from filter jugs today is available in a portable version, everywhere and for everyone.

We buy two filters and a flamingo lid here (without a bottle)

Convenience, health and economy - everything can be gained by choosing a bottle with replaceable Dafi filter cartridges.

Widok filtru wraz z butelką Dafi

Using a filter bottle is really easy - just fill it with tap water, put the filter in the bottle, screw the cap on and it's ready! The bottle filters the water on a regular basis, directly while drinking. The carbon filter used by the Dafi brand is 100% natural material obtained from coconut shells. It removes the specific smell and aftertaste of chlorine present in tap water, and also gently raises the pH of the water, which increases its quality. After filtering, water retains all minerals and elements that are valuable for health, such as calcium and magnesium. The effectiveness of carbon filters has been confirmed in laboratory tests.
Comfortable sports cork makes it easy to drink water from the bottle in any place, also during sports or other physical activities. Using a Dafi filter bottle is not only a huge saving of money, but also care for the environment. One replaceable filter replaces up to 300 half-liter bottles of water, which by nature means over 16 kilograms less plastic per year. The Dafi filter bottle is light and handy. Its modern and minimalist design makes it always look great. Ideally suited for use at work, on a walk, on the road or in the gym. Bottle filters are available in different colors, along with a replaceable cap, so you can choose a different color each time.
Filter cartridges for the Dafi bottle are a Polish product, made from the highest quality raw materials, which makes taking care of your health everyday really easy.

Dafi filtry do butelek, zdjęcie z bidonem
Weight:  33g
Performance:  150 liters of water
We sell other filter colors in other places

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