Filter jug ​​Astra Classic 3.0 L MI Celadon

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Astra Classic 3,0 L Seledyn
You don't want to be among those few?
Dzbanek filtrujący Dafi wraz z filtrem classic

Anyone still don't know the benefits of a Dafi jug?

Nowadays, hardly anyone knows how important drinking water is for our body. Most of us attach importance to a healthy lifestyle but also to environmental protection. And here it enters the stage filter jug . Because it is thanks to such an invention that we care for the environment and our own health at one go. Imagine that thanks to using Dafi jug  you won't throw away 1200 plastic bottles! And you will save a lot of cash. What else do you get using the Dafi filter jug ? Healthy and clean water, great taste, eliminate carrying bottles from everyday shopping and protect dishes from limescale. Be ECO and replace plastic with Dafi.

Dzbanek filtrujący Astra Classic 3,0 L MI

How often do you need to change the filter in the Dafi jug?

Don't worry, one filter lasts for about 150 liters of water! Water after passing filtering  it is free of chlorine, herbicides, pesticides, heavy metals and various organic pollutants. In return, we get tasty and above all healthy water which we can use not only for drinking. Such filtered water is definitely friendlier for our kettle pots and other articles that come into contact with water. The filtering reduces the build-up of limescale, which will extend the life of our dishes. Dafi Astra Classic jug  has a capacity of 1, 5 liters. The infusion is made so that there is no need to remove the entire lid to top up the water. There is a manual indicator on the cover thanks to which you will always know when the filter was being changed. On this page we sell celadon, on other pages you will find different colors.

Dzbanek z filtrem Astra Classic widok z kilku stron

 The filter removes:
 heavy metals
 organic pollutants

Filtr Dafi Standard Classic

 1 Standard Classic filter is included with the jug.

Dzbanek z filtrem Astra Classic w opakowaniu


Capacity:3 L.
Equipment:Classic filter
Indicator:filter change - manual
Tank capacity:1.5 L.

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