Dafi Omega mint filter jug

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Omega miętowy
The streamlined and modern shape combined with a large capacity make Omega widely used in every kitchen. The jug will hold 2 liters of filtered water, making it ideal for cooking dishes. Unimax filters allow you to filter up to 200 liters of water. The filter replacement deadline will allow you to control the manual indicator.
Dzbanek filtrujący Dafi Omega miętowy
Filter jug ​​with high capacity, meeting the needs of the most demanding consumers. Known for TV advertising, often chosen and especially liked by customers.
The free Unimax filter included in the kit removes:
- chlorine
- herbicides
- pesticides
- heavy metals
- organic pollutants
Dzbanek filtrujący Dafi Omega z filtrem unimax
Purpose of filtered water:
- children's meals
- cold drinks
- coffee or tea
- cooking
- water bottles
- watering animals
- being eco
- health
- taste
- convenience
- home appliances protection
- saving money
Opakowanie dzbanka filtrującego Dafi Omega
- The Standard Unimax filter is attached to the jug.
- Total capacity: 4.0 l
- Filtered water capacity: 2.0 l
- Filter: 1x Unimax (included)
- Filter capacity: approx. 150-200 l of water (depending on its quality)
- Type of filter change indicator: manual
- Infusion: hinged flap
- Jug length: 263 mm
- Pitcher width: 150 mm
- Jug height: 278 mm

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