Enamel Dekoral Emakol Strong White gloss 0.9L

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Emakol Strong Biała połysk 0,9L
Emakol Strong oil-alkyd enamel general purpose is intended for painting objects of wood, wood-based materials as well as steel and cast iron elements (after prior priming with an anti-corrosive primer) used inside and outside the rooms (such as windows, doors, furniture, paneling, fences, etc.) .). It is recommended for use in residential and public buildings, including health care facilities, educational facilities and the food industry (without direct contact with food).
Emalia Dekoral Emakol Strong Biała połysk 0,9L
0.9L can capacity
6 years of protection
Very good coverage
Permanent white / permanent glossy color
Easy to wash stains and dirt
Flexible coating
Resistance to atmospheric and mechanical factors
Reduced solvent content
A mild smell
Very good adhesion to the ground
Primer coat - no soil for wooden surfaces inside
Very easy application - excellent flow
Creates perfectly smooth coatings
Very efficient (up to 18m2 / l) 1 layer is enough

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