Comfort WT-08 wifi heating system thermostat

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The thermostat is designed to turn on and off home heating systems. Control can be done manually or by means of programmable cycles. Radio communication and Wi-Fi control allows you to easily place the device anywhere in our home. Polish user manual included.
Termostat systemów grzewczych Comfort WT-08 wifi
- Large, clear display.
- WiFi connectivity
- Thermostat and receiver compact sizes
- Simple controls.
- Programmable 4 cycles every day.
- The display shows the set and measured temperature and time.
- The thermostat and the receiver can be mounted on a wall / other surface. The thermostat can also be placed on attached feet.
Below is a photo of the real set:
Termostat centralnego ogrzewania Comfort WT-08 wifi zdjęcie real
Transmitter power supply: 2 * AAA batteries. Backlight: White
Receiver power supply / current: 230V / Max 10A Sensor: NTC 10K, 3950ohm at 25 ° C
Setting range: 5 ~ 35 degrees C Sensitivity: ± 0.5 degrees C.
Operating range: 0 ~ 50 degrees C Protection class: IP30
Relative humidity: 85% Housing - plastic: ABS UL94-5 (fireproof)

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