Mini heater to the socket, Q20B farher

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Mini grzejnik do gniazdka Q20B
Mini 230V room heater with LCD display, timer and remote control.
Mini  farelka Q20B
High heating efficiency and small size allow you to take it with you on a journey. Rotating plug.
Mobilny grzejnik zasilany wprost z gniazdka 230V
We will not heat the apartment with it, but with the local space next to the armchair in which we read a book or the sofa area where we relax, yes.
Mini grzejnik z pilotem
We can control using the included remote control which makes operation simple and convenient.
Mini heater Q20B
Product features:
- remote control
- large LCD display
- power supply: 230V
- supply air temperature control (15-32st C)
- airflow rate control (Low / HIGH)
- timer up to 12h
- power: 500W
- max power 700W
- dimensions: 18x10.5x10cm
- rotary plug - a product that plugs directly into a wall outlet

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