Xtreme WU-01 ultrasonic bath


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Wanienka ultradźwiękowa WU-01 marki Xtreme

The ultrasonic bath becomes indispensable after the first use.

How does it work and what is it useful for? Ultrasonic washers are devices that are used to clean items that are difficult to clean by traditional methods. The principle of operation of such a bathtub is based on the phenomenon of cavitation. The device generates wave motion, then they arise, alternating between high and low pressure zones. In this low zone, bubbles form, swell, and create a vacuum. When the pressure increases, they implode and is accompanied by the release of considerable energy. And that the reaction has a rather violent course, the waves reach even the most microscopic nook, breakdown or crack. How ultrasonic brush sweeping sediment, mites, dirt and everything you want to get rid of

Wanienka do mycia w ultradźwiękach

Get rid of the most persistent dirt

Some mistakenly believe that such washers are used only in laboratories or beauty salons for sterilizing instruments or various graduated cups. Nothing more wrong, try at home and you'll find out how quickly and thoroughly you can clean jewelry, toothbrush, dentures, silver, coins, mixer elements, juicers and even glasses in this bathtub. You can put whatever comes to your mind and you will pull out clean, shiny and refreshed. And suddenly it turns out that this is equipment without which you can not imagine life anymore. And you do not have to stand and watch the whole process, the device will turn itself off after 5 minutes.

Wanienka ultradźwiękowa WU-01 w opakowaniu fabrycznym


Capacity:600 ml
Dimensions:210x150x120 mm
Frequency:40 kHz
Material:stainless steel
Power:220-240 V AC / 50 Hz
Power:35 watts
Weight:1050 g

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