AGM VPRO 55Ah gel battery

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Akumulator żelowy AGM VPRO 55Ah zdjęcie real

Batteries from the VPRO 55 Ah series are mainly intended for use in emergency power supply systems (UPS, automation systems), solar installations and with voltage converters. They work best in buffer charging systems, but they can also be used in applications where batteries work cyclically. For a discharge depth of up to 50% they have about 650 work cycles. The designed service life is 10 years for 20-25 degrees Celsius.
Akumulator Pojemność: (25 °C) 55 Ah Napięcie: 12V
Expected lifetime: 10 years
Capacity: (25 ° C) 55 Ah
Voltage: 12V
Total height: 215 mm
Height: 211 mm
Width: 138 mm
Length: 230 mm
Weight: about 17.3 Kg
Internal resistance: 6.5 mΩ when fully charged
Self discharge: 2% per month at 25 ° C
Capacity (40 ° C): 102%
Capacity (25 ° C): 100%
Capacity (0 ° C): 85%
Capacity (-15 ° C): 65%
Maximum charging current: 16.5A
It does not require topping up the electrolyte
Work in any position

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