Electric plane hebel 1400W PM-SE-1400T

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And the shavings fell to the ground in a spiral ....
Strug elektryczny 1400W PM-SE-1400T

What can I use the planer for?

Electric streams  basically speaking, they are serving devices for woodworking . With the help of such a plane we can carry out various types of treatments such as planing . rebating . chamfering  or shortening. Electric plane , no matter whether it will be in the basic or extended version will work similarly. The working element of the planer are individual shafts with mounted blades. Electric wood planer  best suited to the processing of not very wide individual boards. If you purchase such a device, you will be able to do the following: planing  - smoothing wooden surfaces by peeling off a very thin layer chamfering  - for housework for own needs, wood bevelling can be done using an electric plane. rebating  - making recesses along the workpiece. Pruning and shortening  - small precision cuts, shortening of boards or other wooden elements.
Hebel 1400W PM-SE-1400T widok noży

What to consider when buying this tool?

The planer should have above all depth of cut adjustment.  Just like this is great planer PM-SE-1400T . Double-sided knives are used, which are sharp on both sides. So, you dull the knife, move it 180 degrees and you have a new cutting blade. Our planer  is equipped with depth adjustment planing 0-3 mm. Planing width -82 mm. The adjustment can be found under the guide handle and is adjusted with a rotary knob. The planer switch has a lock, which is very useful during long work with the device. The contoured handle of the plane ensures a secure grip and long-lasting work without fatigue.
Strug elektryczny Powermat 1400W PM-SE-1400T
Powermat planer  also has a dust extraction system with a dust bag included.
Opakowanie struga 1400W PM-SE-1400T
Assembly key
Side guide
Allen key
Dust bag
Original packaging
Akcesoria hebla 1400W PM-SE-1400T


Power:230V / 50Hz
System:dust extraction
Weight:3.2 kg

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