LED tactical flashlight Bailong BL-CK-29-L3-U3


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Light up the darkness of the night

Latarka taktyczna LED Bailong BL-CK-29-L3-U3

Which flashlight company do you recommend?

Bailong company has followers all over the world, and for good reason. The company has set itself the goal of satisfying customers and focusing on the quality of its products. And not for nothing, because after several years of its activity, Bailong produces Lights on behalf of several American and European companies known in the industry. Choosing from hundreds Bailong flashlight models , you will find equipment for yourself. In addition, you can choose practical accessories for each model, such as a spare battery, mains or car charger, bicycle holder, gel switch or colored filters.

Latarka LED żywotność diody 100000 godzin

On this page you can buy military flashlight model CK-29.

Bailong BL-CK-29-L3-U3 zdjęcie latarki taktycznej

Features of the Bailong CK-29 flashlight

this specific flashlight was designed with tactical use in mind. It is successfully used by uniformed services, the army, hunters, nature lovers, but also at home it is useful to everyone. The body of this flashlight is made of the strongest alloy - aviation aluminum. This alloy was covered with hard anodization, which significantly increased its resistance to damage, while the flashlight remained low weight. Additionally flashlight surface it is non-slip, and the gasket system and very good fitting of the elements made the flashlight resistant to the effects of intense rain, moisture and mud. The flashlight is equipped with the most modern semiconductor diode XM-L3-U3. The lifetime of such a diode is up to 100,000 hours. Flashlight zoom function Bailong is a smooth adjustment of the focal length of light incidence. It gives us the possibility of adjusting from narrow a strong beam of light with a long range - 600m to a very wide field illuminating a large working area. Down flashlight power supply uses a high-quality lithium-ion battery / 18650 cell, it allows long working time of the flashlight.
The electronics controlling the module used in the flashlight allows you to choose one of the three lighting modes: 100% power, 50% power, Strobe. The whole set is packed in an elegant and rigid box.

Zdjęcie real latarki Bailong wraz z zestawem

Set contains:
- Brand new classic CK-29 flashlight
- 18650 4.2V battery
- Car charger
- AC charger
- Original packaging

Technical Specifications:
- Made of high quality materials
- Manufacturer: Bailong®
- Housing: aviation aluminum
- Covered with an anodized coating
- Diode type: CREE XM-L3-U3
- Range: 600m
- LED lifetime: up to 100,000 hours
- Zoom function - retractable
- Working mode: 100%, 50%, strobe
- Non-slip surface prevents the flashlight from slipping in your hand
- Ergonomic and comfortable handle
- Sealed with an O-ring system
- Resistant to weather conditions
- Shock resistant
- Power supply: battery / 18650 4.2V cell
- Charging: 230V or 12V
- Rubberized switch
- Has a wrist strap
- The product is CE certified


- Length: 14.5 cm
- Length with the zoom out: 16.5 cm
- Diameter: 3.5 cm
- Back diameter: 3cm
- Lens diameter: 2.5 cm

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