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Safety and fun

Mata edukacyjna, domek Lionelo Agnes

The correct development of the toddler will be supported by an educational mat

Children, especially in the first months of life, discover the world primarily through their sight and touch. Agnes educational mat  with lots of shapes and colors, he will take care of the development of motor, visual coordination and spatial abilities of your baby. Intense colors stimulate the sense of sight and develop imagination and ability to concentrate.

 Thanks to the accessories attached to the mat, the child will strengthen his back, shoulders and neck muscles during play. The mat is made of completely safe materials for the child and its bottom is made of special thick material that provides excellent thermal insulation from the ground.

Mata edukacyjna z możliwością utworzenia domku

What is included in such an educational mat?

Flat mat with a house  developing the baby's senses and manual abilities, vivid colors stimulating the sense of sight. The set includes toys, rattles and teethers. Toys of various shapes and colors with additional functions, some of the elements rustle at the touch, squeak or rattle. In addition, we get a teether in the form of rubber pendants on a yellow circle. Included in the kit toy - booklet  has many colorful pictures and a pipe, we can detach it from the mat, so that the child can take the book on a journey.

Zabawki dołączone do maty Lionelo
The Agnes mat model has an attached elastic cord with colorful rattles for extra fun, and the clip system allows installation in other places. The sides of the mat can be raised and lowered, and the mounting brackets can be mounted in various configurations, so we adapt the space to the child.

Mata edukacyjna Agnes marki Lionelo
The bottom of the mat is made of thick, insulating material, so that the mat can be safely used outside in the spring and summer. In addition, the possibility of folding the mat in the form of a house will allow you to obtain a roof protecting the child from the sun's rays.

Mini plac zabaw, mata, domek dla dziecka
Not without significance is the fact that the mat can be washed, thanks to which it will always remain clean and aesthetic.

Wymiary mata edukacyjnej Lionelo Agnes

- 2in1 - flat mat + mat with a house
- Develops the baby's senses and manual skills
- Vivid colors stimulating the sense of sight
- Toys, rattles and teethers included
- The bottom of the mat is made of thick, insulating material
- Soft, colorful and durable materials
- Very large size mat 142x142x45 cm
- Easy folding and unfolding

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