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Den Braven Acrylic For Latex Paints is a modified, plastic-elastic sealing putty based on water-based acrylic dispersion, with exceptional painting comfort, without scratches, cracks and paint discoloration

- Reduces to a minimum the risk of cracks and scratches in the paint coating when painting acrylic joints (very high compatibility of acrylic with paints, including internal paints, matte, so-called single coverage, dense, non-dripping, with a high proportion of fillers and a small proportion binders)
- For internal and external applications (excluding places exposed to constant water or moisture exposure, without the possibility of effective drying)
- Permanently plastic-elastic
- Resistant to cracking and shrinkage
- It never hardens
- Excellent adhesion to plasters, gypsum and wood (also to wet surfaces)
- Solvent free (slight odor)
- Easy to profile
- Chemically neutral (does not cause metal corrosion)
- Health-friendly (EMICODE EC1 Plus class - safe for allergy sufferers or people allergic to construction chemicals)

Area of ​​use:
Filling cracks, scratches, gaps, joints in walls and ceilings (concrete, plaster, gypsum, finishing coats, putty, wood). Sealing corners and joints in the building made of plasterboard, finishing strips, suspended ceilings, window sills, built-in wardrobes, stair constructions, window and door frames, pedestals, cornices, coffers, rosettes.

Shelf life:
Store in the original packaging, in a dry and cool place at + 5 ° C to + 25 ° C. Shelf life: 18 months from the date of production.

Producer: Den Braven
Packaging: Cartouche
Capacity: 300ml
White color

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