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Home&Style 2,5l PURE COTTON
Home & Style is a hydrophobic ceramic paint intended for painting interior walls and ceilings, creating a deep matte, elegant and durable coating. Thanks to the use of innovative hydrophobic particles, Home & amp; Style paint is resistant to the penetration of liquid dirt and stains.

Farba ceramiczna Dekoral Home&Style 2,5l

The coating has the highest resistance to washing and wet scrubbing, while maintaining a deeply matt finish during cleaning. It is especially recommended for painting rooms exposed to dirt, e.g. passageways, corridors, private and office rooms, living rooms and dining rooms as well as children's rooms, as well as in public facilities such as schools, kindergartens, hotels. Recommended for substrates made of cement and cement-lime plasters, concrete surfaces, gypsum plasters, gypsum boards, surfaces painted with emulsion paints and wallpapers (including fiberglass and non-woven wallpapers). Remember! Mix the paint thoroughly before painting.

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Paleta kolorów farb ceramicznych Dekoral Home&Style

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The most important features:
- Hydrophobic - repels liquid dirt
- Ceramic - exceptional durability of the coating and colors
- Allergy friendly
- Excellent coverage of the painted surface
- The highest resistance to washing and scrubbing Class 1 according to PN-EN 13300
- Easy cleaning of typical stains and dirt
- Matte effect
- Easy application, does not splash when painting

Farby Dekoral w sklepie wasserman.eu

Product preparation
- Mix the paint thoroughly before use. Possible outflows of colorants on the paint surface are a natural feature of the product.
- Note: delamination may occur during high temperatures. In this case, the paint mixing process should be extended (up to approx. 3-5 min). The paint, after mixing, maintains all operational and application parameters.
- A given color to be applied to the surface may come from different production batches, if production batch numbers differ, it is recommended to mix them in one collective packaging before painting.

Substrate preparation
- Remove remains of glue and lime paints, peeling old coatings thoroughly and wash the surface with water.
- The surface to be painted should be strong, clean, dry, dust-free, without cracks.
- Fresh plasters and substrates strongly absorbing water (gypsum coats, gypsum boards, unpainted substrates) should be primed with Aquagrunt Koncentrat brand Dekoral concentrate diluted with water in a ratio of 1: 4.
- To even out the absorbency of non-dusty substrates and when painting contrasting colors, use Dekoral Latex Primer.
- Surfaces painted with emulsion paints degrease by washing with water with the addition of cleaning agents (e.g. painting soap).
- Protect bothersome stains and grease with paint on Dekoral Renostyl Plus stains.
- Substrates previously painted with emulsion paints, whose surface is uniform, well adhesive, is not dusty or damaged to be painted without priming.
- Prepare wallpaper made of fiberglass and non-woven fabric according to the wallpaper manufacturer's instructions.

Warning! - Good advice
Before painting old surfaces, if you are not sure that the surface is "consistent - bearing", make a test on a small surface. If after the paint dries an undesirable effect (peeling, loosening of the coating), the previous coatings should be completely removed and prepared again for painting.

Mix the product thoroughly before use
- If necessary, dilute with water in an amount of max. 5% vol
- Paint at substrate and ambient temperatures between + 10 ° C and + 28 ° C and relative humidity below 70%.

The following rules should be observed when painting:
- Paint individual surfaces (walls, room elements) only with one painting technique.
- Apply the paint carefully and evenly - the same amount of paint on a unit wall or ceiling surface.
- Guide the last roller stroke in one direction.
- Paint coverage depends on the type and preparation of the substrate, the quality of the priming and the tool used.
- For the best effect, it is recommended to use a microfibre string roller with a pile length of 9 mm to 12 mm.
- The final effect should be assessed after the 2 layers of paint have dried completely.
- Do not allow drafts to occur during painting work - avoid open doors, windows in the room being painted.
- Wash the tools with water after painting.

Additional information and practical tips:
- The minimum temperature of the painted surface + 5 ° C.
- Fresh cement-lime plasters should be painted after 3-4 weeks from their application.
- Larger wall surfaces should be painted with a wide roller (25 cm) spreading the paint in vertical movements in up and down directions.
- Painted fragments from the roller should be joined "wet on wet" without leading the applied coating to the so-called "dry edges" effect
- When painting one surface, e.g. a wall, there should be no breaks in work or corrections on the semi-dry coating
- It is recommended to draw the paint on the roller quite abundantly and spread it carefully and evenly on the surface. It is very important not to paint with a "semi-dry roller".
- For intensive colors, do not make local corrections after the paint coat has dried, but repaint the entire wall.
- Do not allow drafts to occur during painting work - avoid open doors, windows in the room being painted.

Useful tips for removing dirt:
- The coating obtains full use properties after 4 weeks of painting, then most of the dirt can be removed with lukewarm water and a soft cloth.

Removal Method:
- Gently remove splashes with towel paper (solid white) trying to prevent the stain from rubbing into the paint structure, after drying, wash the stain with clean water using a soft sponge or cloth without excessive scrubbing.
- If after washing with water, the trace of splashes is still visible, pour a few drops of detergent into clean water (e.g. dishwashing liquid), wash without using excessive force, after removing the dirt, wash the coating with clean water and allow to dry completely.
- Do not wipe dirty area for more than approx. 1 minute. Remember to change the water frequently, which is used to wash the painted surface.

Does not absorb liquid dirt and stains such as:
- Ketchup, mayonnaise, mustard, cola, oil, chocolate, orange juice, carrot, blackcurrant, beetroot concentrate (remove up to 1 hour)
- Coffee, tea, wine (remove up to 15 minutes).

- Do not use aggressive detergents or intensive scrubbing, it may damage the paint coating.
- In order to remove dirt arising on a painted surface, it is recommended to wash the entire surface (especially heavily dusty surfaces). Removing dirt or cleaning the surface with water alone can leave traces of "stone" especially visible on intense colors.
- Leave to dry completely
- Due to the multitude of potential soiling with products from different manufacturers, as well as the specificity of the painted surface, e.g. (large structure), there may be stains that will be difficult to remove from the surface. When removing dirt, follow the manufacturer's instructions on the label and in the technical data sheet.
- The hydrophobic effect is only visible on completely dry coatings. With repeated washing or scrubbing the same surface, the hydrophobic effect may disappear.
- Stain resistance is the resistance of the seasoned paint coating, thanks to which substances indicated by the manufacturer that cause permanent stains and dirt can be removed at the time indicated by the manufacturer. The smoothness of the surface has a large impact on the removal of stains and dirt, the more rough and uneven the surface, the more difficult it is to remove stains and dirt. Thanks to the unique hydrophobic technology used, liquid dirt flows down from the wall surface, and their removal is easier than from standard matt paints.

Technical data:
Shell appearance: matt
Number of layers: 2
Application of the second layer: after 3 hours
Application method: brush, roller or spray
Coverage up to 35m2 / 2.5l with one layer

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