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High Power

JUMP STARTER High Power is a starting device that allows you to start a car, boat, motorbike or quad in crisis situations.

Booster, rozruch samochodowy, powerbank

 The built-in battery allows the vehicle to start thanks to the current of 300A start value and 600A peak value (full support for vehicles powered by batteries up to 12V).


 The device also works as a power bank with a capacity of 12000mAh, which supports the charging option for many devices (5V voltage, the set includes a microUSB adapter, Apple DOCK and Apple LIGHTING), among others, through the built-in two USB ports and charging, among others laptop (included with the cable with up to 8 different adapters for standard chargers for many laptops).

JUMP STARTER AL-JP08 z walizką

 It has a number of additional functions, such as an integrated flashlight, blade for cutting belts, and can be used as an emergency hammer (from the side reinforced with a metal surface). The whole is packed in a comfortable and durable suitcase thanks to which everything will always be in one place as well as will prevent possible mechanical damage in the place of storage.

Booster AL-JP08 zdjęcie real zestawu

 Output: 12V 1A, 16V 2A, 19V 3.5A
 USB output: 5V, 2A
 Input: 12.6V 1A
 Charging time: 3 to 4 hours
 Inrush current: 300A
 Maximum current: 600A
 Battery capacity: 12800mah
 Operating temperature: -45 ℃ + 85 ℃
 Dimensions: 165 x 75 x 28 mm

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