UV sterilizer for showers, toilets etc. MT6509

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Sterylizator UV do pryszniców, toalet itp. MT6509
Safe UV-C and O3 sterilizer for shower cabins, wardrobes and other small rooms - 2 in 1 OZONE / UV-C STERILIZING LAMP MT6509

Sterylizator UV MT6509 pod prysznicem i w kuchni

 UV-C disinfection
 High-energy UV-C radiation triggers photochemical reactions. Radiation with a wavelength of 185-254, 7nm is absorbed by cell nucleic acids and leads, depending on the dose, to kill or damage bacteria and mycelium embryos. Therefore, UV-C radiation is used to deliberately eliminate microorganisms (such as bacteria / viruses, yeast and molds)

Lampa-Sterylizator UV Media-Tech MT6509

 Ozone disinfection
 Ozone (Greek ὄζον [ódzōn] - fragrant), tritylene (O3) - an allotropic form of oxygen consisting of three-atomic molecules. It has strong aseptic and toxic properties. It is used, for example, for water disinfection and plays an important role in absorbing some of the ultraviolet rays coming from the sun to the Earth (see the ozone hole).

 Cheap, effective and safe removal of bacteria and fungi
 99.7% of fungi and about 650 types of bacteria are killed thanks to the ozone generator and UV-C lamp
 Ozone reaches even hard to reach places inaccessible to sprays and detergents
 Ozone treatment and UV-C light are professional sterilization methods used in medicine, cosmetics and many other children
 Disinfects, refreshes and helps to get rid of unpleasant odors
 Extremely simple and safe for the user
 Thanks to the built-in and durable battery, you can use it anywhere

Ładowanie sterylizatora UV MT6509

 Use a sterilization lamp in:
 shower cubicle,
 closet (disinfection of e.g. gloves, socks, t-shirts etc.),
 the car,
 the kitchen,
 and many other places ...

Sterylizator UV MT6509 w samochodzie i w szafie

 Technical Specifications:
 Universal sterilization lamp
 2 in 1 disinfection technology: O3 ozone and UV-C light
 UV-C rays length: 185 - 254 nm
 Sterilization cycle: automatic 15 min
 For shower cubicle, wardrobe, toilet, car and other small rooms
 Effective and portable, kills 99.7% of bacteria
 UV lamp life: up to 4000 hours
 Aluminum housing
 Safe and easy to use
 Powered by lithium-ion battery
 Micro USB port for charging the battery
 Dimensions: 33x33x168mm
 Weight: 278 g

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