Multiswitch 5/16 Opticum OMS 516 PRO

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Multiswitch Opticum OMS 5/16 PRO nowa seria

Multiswitch is designed to expand the internal antenna installation of the Full HD satellite and terrestrial television and SD.

 The device allows receiving programs from one satellite and connecting up to 16 satellite tuners.

 Gold-plated sockets significantly reduce signal losses at the antenna cable connection and the absence of oxidation.

 Multiswitch automatically recognizes the type of signal that will be transmitted to tuners.

Zasilacz multiswitcha Opticum

 The installation should include connection of the multiswitch to a satellite dish with a diameter of not less than 0.8 m and a Quatro converter, as well as a terrestrial television antenna.

 Separation of the Sat and TV signal from the multiswitch is done by means of terminal subscriber sockets.

 Quatro converters and subscriber outlets are available in our store.

Opakowanie multiswitcha Opticum

 The multiswitch is powered via an external power supply, which eliminates the phenomenon of increased operating temperature, which is a frequent cause of damage to the device.

 When installing the device, take into account the existing installation conditions regarding power supply: location away from the effects of weather conditions protection against unauthorized access to adequate ventilation.

Multiswitch Opticum OMS 5/16 PRO zdjęcie real zestawu

 Technical data:
 - Frequency range: 88 - 2200 MHz
 - SAT gain: 4 dB
 - TER gain: 4 dB
 - Maximum SAT output level: 92 dBuV
 - Maximum TER output level: 86 dBuV
 - Input / output impedance: 75 Ohm
 - Polarity / band switching: 13V / 18V 13V / 22kHz-18V / 22kHz
 - Power supply: 230V AC 50Hz
 - Operating temperature: 0 ... + 55 C
 - Dimensions: 205 x 140 x 45 mm

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