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Cremesso Caffe Latte Burgund

 Never comes with foam?

Ekspres do kawy Cremesso Caffe Latte Burgund

Now you can have the coffee you want with the Cremesso Caffè Latte

Do you love to enjoy coffee? Are you not satisfied with the little black dress? Do you sometimes like to go crazy with a large Latte? Yes, yes ... Except that coffee does not always come with the perfect foam, the latte is brewed and the cappuccino looks like a pale Bavarian. Now you can have any coffee you like, enjoy the aroma of a small black Italian coffee shop. Capsule coffee makers  stormed the market and immediately all the baristas hated them, but for a coffee amateur who is not a brewing expert  ekspress  it's a miracle over miracles. Just select the appropriate capsule, press the button and after a few seconds to enjoy the taste and aroma of freshly brewed coffee.

Ekspres do kawy na kapsułki Cremesso

Cremesso Caffè Latte is a Swiss product

All users will love this maker. This is a Swiss product made of the highest quality materials. Great emphasis was placed on the concept of simple operation. The machine is ready to use almost immediately, because what is 15 seconds? It has a milk container with a capacity of 0.5 liters, three coffee programs and three for milk production and one that is used only for frothed milk. The water tank holds 1.6 liters. The automatic rinse function ensures that the milk nozzle is cleaned at the push of a button without the time-consuming loosening and cleaning.  Capsules for this coffee machine  are available in almost every store and the offer of coffees is overwhelming. You can choose between cappucino . espresso . cafe latte , caramel coffee, caffe lungo  and even beware! Mint or fruit tea.

 CAFE LATTE specification:
 Brand: Cremesso
 Color: Burgundy ed
 Form of drink: Capsules
 Model Number: BONCS02
 Type: capsule coffee machine
 Output power: 220-240 W, 50 Hz and 1455 W
 Water tank capacity: 1.6 liters
 Milk tank capacity: 0.25 liters
 Machine dimensions: 212 x 360 x 255 mm
 Machine weight: 5.8 kg
 Pump pressure 19 bar
 Warm-up time 15 seconds
 Low water level sensor
 Descaling program
 Easy cleaning program

Opakowanie ekspresu do kawy Cremesso

 The coffee machine has:
 adjustable cup height,
 removable / height-adjustable drip tray,
 throwing the capsule when opening it,
 container for 10 brewing capsules,
 collecting container: 12 capsules after brewing

 Capsules can be purchased at any major grocery store and widely available at online stores.

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