Chainsaw PM-4HP52 4KM 18 "oil Stihl

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Piła spalinowa Powermat PM-4HP52 4KM 18"

Which saw will be the best?

Chainsaw  is an extremely useful tool in every household. Wherever there is a need for logging for firewood either  cutting down trees  and shrubs. Wood saws  we can divide into combustion, electric and battery. On this page you will get acquainted with the combustion engine. Despite the fact that  petrol saws  they are more expensive and much louder than their electric sisters, they will still be a better choice. First of all, with a chainsaw, the length of the cable will not limit you. Secondly, the combustion engine has much more power compared to electrical devices, the construction is more massive, and therefore also solid and durable

Piła spalinowa 4,0KM 52cm3

Features of POWERMAT PM-4HP52 chainsaw

Powermat PM -4 HP 52 saw is the latest model of the chainsaw for both amateur and more professional applications. The maximum power of this device is 4.0KM and is obtained by a 52cm3 engine. The saw was made of the highest quality components, which were enclosed in a solid aluminum-magnesium crankcase.

Piła łańcuchowa Powermat PM-4HP52 4KM 18"
WARNING!  We add to each saw free STIHL oil
Olej Stihl

 The reinforced magnesium alloy AS 31 used has an increased tensile strength and much higher hardness than other metals used in the manufacture of petrol saws. Such an alloy has increased corrosion resistance. In addition, the components are made using the most modern method of pressure casting, thanks to which the highest possible durability of the elements was obtained

Spalinowa piła łańcuchowa Powermat PM-4HP52


 Model: PM-4HP52
 Power: 3.0 kW / 4.0KM
 Engine capacity: 52cm3
 Idle speed: 3000 / min
 Maximum revolutions: 10000 / min
 Guide: 18 "/ 45cm
 Guide groove width: ~ 1.5mm
 Chain stroke: 0.325 "/ 8.255mm
 Fuel tank capacity: 550ml
 Oil tank capacity: 260ml
 Engine type: Two stroke
 Weight: 5.5 kg

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