1000W John Gardener G83020 electric mower

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 Loud but strong, quieter but weaker ...

Kosiarka elektryczna 1000W John Gardener G83020

Which mower should you choose?

This is the eternal dilemma of every gardener. Which mower should you choose?  Diesel or maybe electric? Petrol lawnmowers  they certainly have more power, but they are noisy and produce unpleasant exhaust gases for health. More expensive operation, because they require fuel for work, is also not insignificant. Electric mowers  they are characterized by quieter operation, economical and ecological operation, and are also light and handy. Whichever mower you choose, you know you must have one. Everyone who has a lawn next to the house knows that in order to enjoy our eyes dense grass and lush greenery must be  systematically mowed.

Kosiarka do trawy John Gardener G83020

Not only fertilizing and loosening, but also mowing is very important

In the season we mow the grass  at least once a week. If we do it systematically without letting the grass grow too high, we can safely leave it on the lawn. Such grass will quickly unfold and feed our lawn. recommend  John Gardener G83020 mower , is a classic mower that is great for the care of small home lawns. Its low weight and dimensions make this device we can easily maneuver between obstacles. We can load twenty-five liters of grass into the basket in one go. When the bin is full, you will be notified with a light on. The mower mows thirty centimeters wide in three heights 25/40/55 mm.

Kosiarka elektryczna do trawy JG G83020 z koszem

 Technical data:

 Power: 1000W
 Supply voltage: 230 - 240V / 50Hz
 Idle speed: 3000 rpm
 Motor type: brush type
 Case material: polypropylene
 Basket material: plastic
 Cutting height adjustment: point
 Wheel diameter: 125 mm
 Basket filling indicator: yes
 Thermal switch: yes
 Weight: 7.82kg
 Carton dimensions: 58 x 38 x 29 cm

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