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krzesło brazylijskie

The hanging chair was created especially for your relaxation

Each of us loves to rock. We dream about nice  relaxing in a hammock  outdoor. Unfortunately, it is not possible to hang or place a large hammock everywhere. And here creators come to the rescue  hanging chairs . This miracle needs much less space and much less fastening, and gives as much pleasure as hammock . We can hang it wherever we want and it doesn't have to be a yard, it can hang in our apartment or on a balcony or terrace. All you need is a branch, beam or door frame. And all that remains is to sit back, close our eyes and relax.

Fotel wiszący L70B1

Mobile hanging Brazilian chair

Including hanging chair  the comfort of a hammock has been combined with the mobility and size of the chair. these  hammock chair  it is extremely mobile, you can easily remove it from the hook and take it with you, and then all you have to do is choose a place, attach it and swing to the fallen. It is made of durable colorful canvas with high air permeability, which gives comfort of rest. It is hung on durable strings. After hanging it will not take up much space and will allow you to relax comfortably. The whole frame is made of decent wood, thanks to which the whole is stable and light.

Hamak - krzesło wiszące

 Technical Specifications:

 - seat dimensions: 100x 130 cm
 - wooden crossbar length 91 cm
 - load capacity up to 120 kg
 - braided fastening with strings
 - canvas weight 220 g / m2
 - mounted on durable strings

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