Ravanson PM-9000 air conditioner Mobile air conditioning

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 Do you know this nice feeling on a hot day?

Klimatyzator Ravanson PM-9000 Klimatyzacja mobilna

How to cool the room?

Everyone knows what a relief it is to come from hot air to  air-conditioned room.  What divine relief does our body feel? We look with envy at those lucky people who work in air-conditioned rooms. But now everyone can have such working conditions. You don't need to involve the company or perform complicated assembly. Just look into the Wasserman store and purchase mobile air conditioner . What does mobile mean? It's an air conditioner that has wheels and can be placed wherever we want. And if you don't need it, we move it to a secluded place to winter over the next season.

Klimatyzator Ravanson PM-9000 widok panelu sterowania

3 in 1 - cooling, drying, fan - Ravanson air conditioner

Do not mistake air conditioner  with climate! We propose high quality Ravanson air conditioner . If we want to reduce the temperature in the room and not just to mix air, the air conditioner will not be able to meet these requirements. The Ravanson air conditioner has a pipe for removing warm air outside and the R290 refrigerant. The air conditioner has three functions; cooling, drying and fan. The fan has two speeds, so we can set it according to our own needs, it also has a night mode.

Klimatyzator Ravanson PM-9000 zdjęcia real zestawu

 Overheat protection
 Air oscillation function
 Signaling of water tank filling
 Timer 0-24h
 Control panel + remote control
 Air exhaust hose included
 Rotating wheels and comfortable handles


 Refrigerant: R290
 Energy class: A
 Product dimensions: 420 x 360 x 722 mm
 Product weight: 26 kg
 EAN: 5902230900523 Cooling capacity: 9000BTU
 Power consumption: 1010W
 Drying efficiency: 24 L / 24h
 Temperature range: 16-31 ℃
 Air flow: 400 m3 / h

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