Ravanson PM-9500S air conditioner Mobile air conditioning

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Klimatyzator Ravanson PM-9500S panel sterowania plus pilot

Air conditioner or air conditioner?

Air conditioning  indoors is not a luxury. Everyone can afford it. And you no longer need to lay complicated installations or pull cables and drill in the walls. Now you can have air conditioner in the room where you only wish. Portable air conditioner  or air conditioner. What is the difference between them? The most important feature that distinguishes the air conditioner from the air conditioner is the way of cooling. In the air-conditioner, cooling consists in compressing and expanding the refrigerants, and in the air-conditioner, evaporating the water. In our subjective opinion Ravanson air conditioner  is a device that will fully meet the need for cold on a hot day.

 Ravanson FEATURES:
 - 3 in 1 functions: cooling, drying, fan
 - Night mode
 - 2 fan speeds: low / high
 - Air oscillation function

Ravanson PM-9500S klimatyzacja przenośna

The air conditioner recommendable is a high quality Ravanson air conditioner.

If we care about  lowering the temperature  in the room and not only on the turmoil of the air, air conditioners and fans will not be able to meet our requirements. We will definitely need it air conditioner which, equipped with a pipe, transports warm air outside. We do not have to use it, but only after displaying it outside the air conditioner will fully show us its capabilities. The mobile design (wheels) of the air conditioner will allow us to conveniently pack it for the winter and hide it. R290 refrigerant (it is not found in ordinary air conditioners) gives a huge advantage of the efficiency of air conditioners and extremely simple operation (remote control or on the panel) only increases this advantage.

Klimatyzator Ravanson PM-9500S zdjęcie real zestawu

 - Cooling power: 9000BTU
 - Power consumption: 1010W
 - Dehumidification performance: 24l / 24h
 - Temperature range: 16-31oC
 - Air flow: 380m3 / h
 - Energy class: A
 - Timer 0-24h
 - Control panel + Remote control
 - Air exhaust hose included
 - Swivel wheels and comfortable handles
 - R290 refrigerant
 - Overheating protection
 - Product dimensions: 320x730x360mm
 - Product weight: 21kg
 - EAN: 5908293521521

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