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Can footwear be dangerous?

Trzewiki bezpieczne T1A skórzane kat.S1P Dedra BH9T1A

How to choose the right shoes for the job?

Safety shoes we buy when we need to protect our feet from external factors in our work. Such factors can cause mechanical and chemical damage, burns, frostbite. Each such footwear has a given degree of protection, which mainly depends on the material from which they were made, its design and additional equipment. Footwear that does not have protective features and we use them in the workplace for our convenience,  to protect your own footwear or are the sanitary requirement of it work footwear  and as such does not have to be marked.

Obuwie robocze BHP Dedra BH9T1A

Markings on shoes protection

Depending on the threats against which safety shoes protect our feet, we can distinguish:
Safe footwear (S - "safety") - has protective properties in the form of toes, whose impact strength is 200 J.
Safety shoes  (P - "protective") - has protective properties in the form of toes, whose impact strength is 100 J.
Occupational footwear  (O - "occupational") - Intended for everyday use where foot protection with toes is not required.
SB  - Basic level of safety, the toe cap withstands impacts up to 200 J, the outside of the shoe is made of a double layer of leather or other material of similar strength;
S1 - have features compatible with SB; they also have anti-electrostatic properties, are characterized by energy absorption in the heel part, which is closed by a non-slip sole;

 In addition, yet safety shoes manufactured in accordance with EN ISO 20346 are marked with the letter "P" and a number. Within this standard, we distinguish the following categories:
P1  - they have a 100 J toe cap, a built-in heel, resistance to oils, gasoline and organic solvents. In addition, they have antistatic properties
P2  - features analogous to P1, enriched with water impermeability;
 P3  - properties like P2, extended by soles' resistance to puncture and sculpting of the soles;
P4  - 100 J toe cap, built-in heel, gasoline / oil / solvent resistance, anti-electrostatic properties, energy absorption in the heel part and water resistance;
P5 - P4 features and additional puncture resistance.
Dedra BH9P3 leather shoes  they not only have protective qualities, but also look great visually.


 Steel toe cap impact resistant with 200J force
 Non-slip sole
 Oil resistant sole
 Shock absorbing system
 Electrostatic properties
 Steel insole in puncture resistant sole
 We sell size 39 here

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