K18 car Kart pedal 113cm red

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K18 red

You no longer have to wait for the holidays

Samochód K18 Gokart na pedały 113cm czerwony

Private go-kart at your fingertips

Summer begins and in all summer resorts the streets get dense with go-karts. Because who does not like to go crazy in such a racing car? Now you do not have to wait for the holiday season, you can surprise your kids and treat such a go-kart to own. And there will be no problems with detaching the child from the computer screen, instead of watching TV in the open air without pressure. If you have a younger child choose a pedal go-kart, there will be no risk of speed. And to start with, such a go-kart is not only safety, but also low operating costs.

Samochód K18 Gokart dla dzieci zdjęcie real

The toy is always ready to use - go kart on pedals

You don't have to spend time charging the batteries, you don't need extra money. Go-kart always ready to ride. Procter produced a go-kart from the best materials, safe, with a handbrake and a hidden chain. The kart goes forward and backward. Inflatable wheels provide comfort even on rough terrain. Adjustable seat forward and backward. A person weighing up to 60 kilograms can ride a go-kart.

Attention:  Not suitable for children under 5 years. Warning: The use of protective equipment is recommended. Not used in road traffic.

Pojazd na pedały 113cm czerwony dla dzieci

 driving: front to rear
 gearbox: yes idle
 hand brake: yes

Jeździk na pedały K18

 Red colour
 Wheel axles: movable axle: front for stable driving on all types of terrain
 Use weight: 60 kg
 Version: completely closed chain guard, adjustable chair: in 1 position (front back)
 Dimensions: 113 x 60 x 60 cm (L x W x H), pumped wheels diam. 26 cm wide: 8cm

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