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Robot planetarny Eldom WRK1100 z opakowaniem

Is it worth investing in a bowl mixer?

Only the one who grated hand butter with sugar or whipped the foam knows how labor-intensive and arduous this task is. Fortunately, the times of clubs and makutras that our grandmothers used were over. Now they are proud in the kitchens  mixers . For some, small is enough hand mixer but imagine how many different things you can do during  whipping foam  through a mixer with a bowl. You don't have to stand at the counter, holding the mixer in one hand, the bowl in the other. Here, you will put eggs, throw butter, add flour and click the button, after which you will do the lubrication of the sheet or just drink coffee. And that's why it's worth having in the kitchen standing mixer with bowl .

Eldom WRK1100 planet zdjęcia z kuchni

What does planetary rotation system mean?

Eldom WRK1100 planetary robot  planets is a modern and elegant robot from the so-called planetary rotation system. It is a system that allows thorough mixing in the entire volume of the bowl. High quality, ease of use and simplicity in keeping it clean are the features that make this particular model extremely popular among users. The robot has three interchangeable tips for various applications.

Wymienne końcówki robota Eldom WRK1100 planet

 Seven engine speed levels ensure that you always choose the right speed to grate specific mass. A steel bowl with a capacity of 4.2 liters allows you to prepare a larger portion of the dough at a time.

Robot kuchenny Eldom WRK1100 planet

 7 gears
 LCD display
 metal bowl with a capacity of 4.2 l
 tips: for whipping; for mixing; for kneading
 transparent cover
 power: 600W
 EAN: 5908277382698

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